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OEM 1D,2D 바코드스캔엔진,모바일바코드스캔엔진,PDA스캔엔진

OEM 1D,2D 바코드스캔엔진,모바일바코드스캔엔진,PDA스캔엔진

제품 및 가격문의 바랍니다.  TEL : 02-861-1175 


 2D Barcode Miniature Engine (CSE-6000)




CSE-6000 is new small 2D barcode engine for OEM systems & hardwares.

This miniature engine enables customers to fast and reliably integrate

2D barcode decoding solutions into target systems & and hardwares.

This engine can also to be provided in software to customers with the

same Features and benefits of handheld scanner products. 



uWorld-wide smallest Miniature style. [20mm(W)*12.5mm(H)*17.5(D)]
u All-in-One Model. (Light LED + Image Sensor Module + Decoding Module)
u Wide Viewing Angle. (Wide ±53º, Standard ±40º)
u Red / Green / Blue or White LED Lighting Architecture for various
                                                                                                      target material.
u Smart Laser Aiming.
u Real-time Image Uploading. (within JPEG Engine)
u Quack and easy integration into target system and hardware.
u Flexible OEM customization.
u Lightweight optical module for reading symbols in most demanding
u Fast decoding of 1D/2D symbols.
u Omni-directional reading.
u Full support to 2 byte characters with Chinese QR.
u Easy firmware upgrade.
u Low power consumption for PDA application or Wireless solutions.
u Competitive price.
u SDK(CSE-6000SDK) for test and evaluation.


     OEM 1D,2D 바코드스캔엔진,모바일바코드스캔엔진,PDA스캔엔진    
  OEM 1D,2D 바코드스캔엔진,모바일바코드스캔엔진,PDA스캔엔진
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